Sunday, July 19, 2009

Representing myself into immortality

So, now that we have Dash, I take lots of regular walks. I've found that they Wyoming Cemetary in Melrose is a great place to walk a dog. First, you are allowed to have dogs there, which is always important. Second, they have water pumps all over the place where Dash can get a drink, when he's not feeling afraid of hoses. Third, there are lots of trashcans around so I don't have to carry a bag of dog crap home.

But, I digress. I like to walk around cemetaries and read tombstones to see who is there, when they died, what I can learn about them, etc. What I especially like to see is when people place items on the tombstones to represent the person. It's usually little things like a Red Sox hat, a stuffed animal, a little figurine. One tombstone is currently covered in Sweet 16 flowers and trinkets for a 14-year old that would have been 16 three days ago.

So I was wondering - what trinkets would people put on my grave? And what would dog walkers think about my life if they saw it? I'm sure in reality, it would be angel statues, American flags, etc, but what does that really tell people about me? Here's what I think should really be on my tombstone:

1 - A remote control. Because I love TV and I'm not ashamed of it!
2 - A Mcdonalds bag, for the same reason.
3 - A picture of Jon and I on our wedding day, cause that's the best day of my life thus far (enter "awwwwww"s here)
4 - Airborne wings, because that's something I'm most proud of.
5 - My scales of justice, because I really do love the law.
6 - Something theater-y, like drama/comedy masks or something.
7 - Some sushi - yeah, it would get stolen, but I really really love sushi.
8 - A bottle of Pinot Grigio.

Now, THAT is a tombstone! What would be on yours????


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