Sunday, August 09, 2009

Yay for beauty products!

So, I read this makeup blog that introduced me to My Pretty Pink Box ( which is a site/company that sends out a little pink box full of trial size or sometimes full size beauty products each month for $15. I signed up for their email list so I can be reminded each month of when the box goes on sale. I've gotten some really great stuff so I thought I would share what I got this month and encourage you all to sign up and give it a try. Plus, it's just really fun to open a box filled with surprises each month.

In this month's box:
1 - Revlon press on nails in "Starlet" Umm..ok, probably won't use these, because A)I don't do well with long nails B)they are square and C)they are covered in sparkles. BUT, you never know. There's always Halloween...which I hate. But, girly and sparkly, so I like!

2 - Scrubz all natural sugar body scrub in the "citrus zest" scent. I love exfoliation! It smells super lemony!

3 - Appellation Grapeseed Moisturizer and Muscle Soak. Unfortunately, our bathtub sucks, but I might stick in in a suitcase and use the muscle soak in a hotel. The moisturizer says it's for the whole body, so I'll give that a try after a shower. Stay tuned!

4 - YBF's Boost your best face. I'm assuming this is a moisturizer of some sort. It says it's "powerful anti-aging skincare" so slathering it on my face can't hurt anything....right?

5 - Seikisho's Mask White and Perfect Clear Gel. I'm VERY excited about the mask, cause it's a peeloff mask, which I love love love. Ironically, the directions say the mask is black. The directions for teh perfect clear gel say you should put it on, let it dry, "message" the skin (I think I'll "massage" instead), then the gel will become flaky and peel off, and when fingers can no longer glide along skin, rinse well with warm water. That's complicated.

6 - Polaris Cosmetic antioxidant lip plumping tint in burgandy. Lipstick always looks brighter on my lips than in the tube, since my lips are pink anyway, so I'm glad this is dark because it comes off on my lips as a nice berry. It's pretty decent.

7 - Organice Apoteke's Active Face Hydrating Gel and Rejuvenating Face Cream. No directions. I'll just put in on my face and hope for no allergies.

8 - Eyeshadow samples! I guess this was "brownish color" month, because I got "Stealth" from Mineraliscious, which is a goldish color, "Confident" from Adorned with Grace, which is a light gold color, and "Sagacious" (is that a word?) also from Adorned with Grace which is a bronze color. Oh well, free eyeshadow!

So, how fun is it to get stuff in the mail? Very. Go to to sign up for a notification so you won't miss out on a box next month!!!

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Lisa said...

I'm totally doing that right now! I can think of few things more awesome than getting a box of goodies every month. Thanks for sharing!

p.s. I saw a few of the pics from your sister's wedding and everyone looked beautiful!