Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sick = Suck

What started as a tickle in my throat in Sales class at 11am on Thursday morning developed in a full-blown cough by Mediation class at 5:30 that evening. My mediation professor actually let us out of class early because she was sitting next to me and I kept coughing on her. You're welcome, class!!

All of that madness led to me spending Friday and Saturday laying on the couch...ALL DAY. I took so many drugs this weekend - syrups, pills, sleeping pills, lozenges, that I felt like there was no way a germ (or my liver) could still be alive in my body. But, now it's Sunday, and I'm barely back up to par. I had to skip rehearsal for my show that opens on the 6th, and missed out on lots of homework time.

But, to look at the bright side - it DID happen on a weekend, which is better than middle-of-the-week. And it wasn't the swine flu, and there was no vomiting. But, it was rough.

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Lisa said...

Eww. I hope you're feeling better. We just got tickets to your show for 11/13!