Thursday, April 08, 2010

One of the Guys

I've always tended to be a guy's girl. Maybe it's having served in the Army, but I've learned to fit in with the guys, be the girl that the guys go to for advice, and generally one of them. It definitely has its perks. First, it's often hard for a girl to be taken seriously around a bunch of guys, but for some reason, guys tend to respect me and my opinion. Second, there's always a guy around to help you out with stuff, which is nice. Third, at least in the Army, there were always more guys around, which means more friends. Finally, even though you're one of the guys, they forgive you for your "girl" moments.

There have been downsides, though. When I was single, it was really frustrating, because I'd often have crushes on my guy friends that saw me as just one of the guys. Nothing more annoying. And then there's the problem I ran into today. Sitting in the student government office, with a bunch of guys, I was forced to listen to tales of pubic hair, chicks with hot asses, and zits on their asses. Definitely not girl talk, and definitely not what I want to hear. But, you take the bad with the good, I suppose!

I'm just relieved I nabbed a guy who lets me be a girl and still fit in when I feel like it :-)


Sandy said...

Yeah, at least whenever Jon talks about chicks with hot asses, he's referring to you!!!

Ali said...

He better be...