Sunday, April 11, 2010

Prom ranting

Is there anything better/worse than prom? I mean, prom really depends on your perspective. As a high school girl, nothing was more sacred or exciting than the prom. I went to FIVE of them. Ridiculous, I know. My outfits varied from an ill-fitting poofy-shouldered long number to a short slutty-goth looking outfit. I promise, there were better outfits in between, but under no circumstances am I posting pictures. My dates were always my boyfriends, the flowers ranged from corsage to nosegay to a couple of roses with gold leaves (classy, I know).

Anyway, the idea of prom now makes me nauseous. And no, it's not the idea of a formal event - my law school has one every year and they are generally a good time. It's a high school prom that gives me the creeps. I know I sound like the oldest person on the planet, but the dresses on these girls? Cutouts all over, two piece dresses (what the fuck?!), I mean, it's just weird. And maybe it's just my high school. We had a Grand March, where couples literally were announced one by one, had to bow and curtsy to the crowd while everyone oohed and ahhed at the outfits. Completely bizarre.

So, am I old? Well, yes. But having recently finding out that I'm pregnant (not Facebook blasting that yet, but the 5 or so people that actually read my blog? Sure, they can know), I'm already dreading my daughter's prom, which is why it's imperative that I have a boy.

So there was no point to this entry, which rarely happens, except to rant against proms. There you go.

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Lisa said...

I agree that prom is bizarre. Working in a high school and seeing all the prom related fervor is bad enough. I think in some ways it's a rite of passage thing, both attending the prom, and then realizing how stupid the prom is. Don't worry, if you have a daughter I'm sure she'll be very sensible just like her mother.