Thursday, June 10, 2010

Alison Beach, JD!

Finally I got around to downloading the pictures from graduation!

To preface everything, law school was a lot harder than I thought it would be. After years of military discipline, I thought that I would be able to ace everything. What I found was that I had to study harder than ever to compete with a bunch of early-20s folks. I will say though, that I was blessed in going to a school where there wasn't competition, other than the friendly joking around with my study group. My main competition was really myself and my expectations, and I'm proud to say that after 6 semesters, I made it (barely!) into the top 10% of my class, which was my personal goal. I graduated cum laude with a great internship, a clerkship, a winning trial record, and more importantly....a JOB under my belt.

But, I couldn't have done it without my support system. First, Jon, whose nightly dinners he cooked made everyone at school jealous when I took in the leftovers, and for listening to my blatherings about cases and taking me through flashcards for three years. Secondly, my amazing study group: Andy, Noah, and Dave. Andy has been my best friend in law school practically since orientation, coming to see my shows, and providing more advice and patience with me on non-law-school stuff than law school! Noah, even though he though my name was Heather, provided nonstop entertainment the whole time. And Dave provided some great competition as well as a great study location :-) And they all dealt so well with my bossiness and my anal retentiveness and my general Mom-Ness.

And finally, a huge thanks to all my family, community theater friends, and everyone who's understood when I can't hang out or go out.

Now, on to the bar exam!!

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