Thursday, September 23, 2010

House Design, Part 2

House projects have been slow, but we've finally got the guest room 99% done and I wanted to show it off!

Here's the before picture: Wood faux paneled walls, brown trim on ceiling and the walls, no fan pulls, no furniture.

And here's a couple of after pictures! We painted the walls Artic Stone from Glidden (around $100), added sheer white curtain panels ($5 each from Walmart), bought a full sized bed from Mattress Giant ($320), a small rug from the Dollar Store ($5), a few pillows ($20), painted all of the brown trim white, and blew up a black and white photo that I took on the beach ($20). We also moved a side table and a smal frosted white lamp, both from IKEA, in from another room. The final step was to add a couple of nice silver fan pulls, courtesy of Wal-mart ($10). Still to do: I have a few more photos to hang.

I'm really really happy with the results, and totaling up the cost, it came in at just under $500. The most frustrating part was definitely the painting. It took two coats of primer and one coat of paint to get the faux paneling covered. It also took three coats of white on all of the trim to cover the brown. Now we have a lovely and breezy room for our guests to stay - any takers??


Lisa said...

It looks awesome!

Mary Kate said...

Wow, can you design my house?

Anonymous said...

Wow, this looks great Ali!! Well done!