Friday, December 24, 2010

I Hate this Feeling

A while back, I wrote about being jealous of my unborn child because he has all the stories in the world to read for the first time, and I've already read so many great stories.  Well, I found, and exhausted another great story, and now I'm completely depressed there's no more to it.

My sister recently came for a visit and suggested I watch Firefly, a short-lived science fiction show circa 2002 (I think.)  She suggested it because it starred Nathan Fillion, and we were watching him play Captain Hammer in Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog.  Since I'm just kinda hanging out at home with the little one, I decided to watch it since it was on Netflix streaming.

Holy awesomeness.  I loved this show.  Sadly, it only went for 14 episodes, and then was granted a follow-on movie, all of which I watched in 2 days.  The basic premise is that it takes place in the year 2500-something, everyone has left Earth and all the humans occupy other planets, there was a big war between the government (Alliance) and those not liking the government which the Alliance won, and now people are just living.  The main character is a guy named Malcolm who fought against the Alliance in the war and now owns a ship called Serenity (that looks like a firefly) and he and his crew bounce around smuggling things, looking for transport jobs, etc.

Some great things about this show: It's Joss Whedon, so there is some really great subtle (and not so subtle) humor that comes out of it.  The captain is serious at times, but completely sarcastic and funny at other times.  Basically, I want to marry him.  Another great thing is that swearing would be great in this show, but it ran on Fox.  So, in the plot, the US and China joined forces or something and everyone swears in Chinese.  Third, there are no aliens in this show, which I really find interesting about a show that takes place in space.  I haven't done a ton of research as to why there are no aliens, but as someone who loves the idea of space travel but doesn't believe in aliens, I dig it.  Finally, the show is kind of a western.  Everyone has a western-ness about them, despite the fact it takes place in the future.  There are ray guns, but the captain and his crew prefer to shoot with traditional weapons.

After I walked out of Avatar, I was bummed that such a world didn't exist, and after watching Firefly and the movie Serenity, I'm bummed that I can't be a member of the crew - it's that entertaining.  I hope you all get a chance to check it out - for free if you have a Wii and Netflix!

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Adam Lasnik said...

This is part of the reason I've so far refused to watch Firefly episodes and Serenity. I know I'll just get depressed at the fact that awesome stuff like this gets canceled, while truly horrible crap on TV goes on season after season...