Friday, February 25, 2011

The Finished Bathroom

Hey all, here's the story behind the bathroom which is featured currently on Fresh Home Blog




On the suggestion of many, I picked out a shower curtain that complemented the brown tile. I actually did not take down the shower doors because, since we are going to be renting this house out pretty soon, we wanted to keep the doors in to help renters keep the water inside the tub. The curtain stays on the outside for aesthetic purposes. This became my focal point and determined the colors I used in the rest of the bathroom. Redoing all of the tile, either by ripping it out or painting it was just too expensive and/or time consuming, so I decided to embrace the brownness. This shower curtain was purchased at Target and had three main colors in it, including a great brown that matched the tiles.
Based on the colors in the curtain, I chose a light green (Cypress Grass by Glidden) for the walls. I also painted the frame around the mirror white (it was previously cream colored) to make it pop out a bit and match the white shower curtain. I also replaced the white blind which had faded and was dirty with a fresh clean one from Home Depot.
I left the yellow tub. I could have bought the stuff to repaint it, or at least the outside of it, but the yellow pop didn’t bother me so much once the colors all came together. To include this yellow elsewhere in the bathroom, I added it to the shelf unit that goes over the toilet.

At first my husband said we couldn’t replace the vanity because of the complication with the really old pipes in this 110-year old house, but on further inspection, the floor needed some work (a leak had softened up the subfloor) and he spend most of Christmas removing the vanity so he could tear up the floor. Since the vanity was already out, we got to replace it (yay!) Opting to keep the cost down, we bought vinyl flooring at Home Depot for $120 and installed it ourselves. We also got this inexpensive vanity for $40 at Home Depot.

Next to the vanity, I got stackable white cubes from Target and baskets to put inside them to store toilet paper and bathroom stuff. Over the toilet, I put up a white shelving system that we already had. The plain white shelves were pretty boring, so I secured some bright yellow scrapbook paper to the inside of the doors so it could be seen through the frosted glass and echoes that awesome yellow tub.

On top of the white cubes, I put a brown placemat from Target and a little plastic plant from Michael’s because my mom informed me you always need some greenery in the bathroom. These accessories toned down the bright white a bit and made the stackable cubes look a bit more expensive than they are. I also bought a silver clock at Walmart, as well as the brown long rug. On the white shelves above the toilet, I bought a round green canister at Salvation Army to hold cotton balls and Q-tips. I also purchased a book about birds at Salvation Army, cut out some pictures of yellow and brown larks and put them on yellow cardstock for an interesting accessory.  I blogged about this recently as a fun weekly project.

I wanted to make something myself, so I made the frames on the wall. The frames were purchased for $1 each at the Dollar Store, painted brown, and then I hot-glued craft twigs/sticks from Michael’s. Simple and something cute to break up the big open space.  I blogged about this project earlier as a fun weekly project.

Paint: $30
Flooring: $120
Shower Curtain: $15
Stackable cubes: $16
Baskets: $20
Accessories on cubes: $6
Wall Art: $8
Towels: $14
Rug: $19.
Vanity: $40
Clock: $4
New blind for the window: $7
Accessories on toilet shelves: $2
Total: $301

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