Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Ho Hum

It's that time of year again - local community theaters are announcing their seasons for next year.  Nerds like me check out the webpages of all the theaters to get an idea of what we want to audition for, see what rights for new shows came out, and gossip about whether this theater should do that show.  I love it.

But it's bittersweet for me this time around because I won't be here next season.  And to make it worse, I'm moving to a city that simply does not have a lot of community theater opportunities that I can find.  True, I plan to spend the next few years working full time, popping out a few more kids, etc, but it will be tough to not do theater for a while.

Community theater has given me something really amazing since we've moved to Boston.  A few things, actually.  It's given me confidence in my ability to make people laugh, my ability to sing (somewhat), and my ability to plan and execute as a member of a production team.  It's introduced me to some of the funnest, silliest, most dramatic, most entertaining, most talented, and most wonderful people there can possibly be.  It's given me the ability to be creative when the right side of my brain was stifled by all of the legal crap that was leaking over from the left side of my brain thanks to law school.  It's also introduced me to some amazing stories from shows I've never heard of.  Theater is one of those hobbies for me that I really wish I could spend all day working on, and now I understand why famous actors discuss why they love their jobs so much.  Of course, I'm not good enough to pursue theater full time, so a hobby it will stay.  Can't waste that law degree, after all.

So, I'm pretty bummed that I can't audition for Proof at Marblehead or Mattress at Wakefield or extend my choreography to new theaters or rejoin my favorite groups and act on stage with my friends again, or even try my hand at directing.  I'm hoping that I'll be so busy with everything I have going on that I won't miss it.  Maybe after DC, we'll move back to Boston or somewhere that has a theater or two nearby.  And I hope I can find some time to keep singing so that when it's finally time for me to hit the boards again, I'll be ready for some great roles!

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