Friday, March 04, 2011

My secret desire

No, it isn't to be on Broadway or to even have a leading role in community theater.  Or to have a blog that people actually read.  Or bigger breasts and a smaller nose.  Or get carded again at the liquor store.  I said "secret", not desperately apparent.

I want to be a runner.  I love love love the idea of running.  I hate to run.  But, I want to do it.  I want to run longer and faster than my husband so I can be better at something than he is.  Besides spelling.  I also want to lose my last 11 pounds of baby weight, run in races for fun, and did I mention lose that baby weight?  I want a hobby that makes me feel good, look good, and one I can do anywhere.

So what's stopping me?  Um, I hate to run.  My shoes are pretty crap, but I won't pay a bunch of money to buy new ones when I could buy a great pair of heels.  It's cold in Boston and the only thing worse than running is, you guessed it, freezing my ass of while doing so.  Hold on, I have more excuses.  It's bad for the knees.  I look funny when I run because my knees are slightly crooked and my lower leg kicks out a bit.  The only time I can do it is at 5am (that's true).  I can't take the dog because he stops every 10 feet to spray something, but I can't leave him at home because it's wasted dog-walking time.  I'm in the Air Force now, and it's not like I HAVE to run fast.  I just plan on trying to get pregnant again at the end of the year, so why get in good running shape?  I don't like the songs on my iPod shuffle and my iPod mini only has 30 minutes of battery.  I don't have a jogging stroller. I hate being sweaty.  I hate being sore.  I hate being tired.  I don't believe in endorphins.

But I also have an odd motivation.  Someone I really dislike is a runner, and I hate the fact that someone I dislike is doing the hobby that I want to do and I am not. 

So, in the saddest of traditions, pure old-fashioned jealousy is motivating me to get up and start moving again.  If I can keep it up, I'll post about it.  If you never hear anything about running on the blog again, you'll know I've failed and we'll never talk about it again.


Lisa said...

I hear you about the running. I am an absolutely retched runner and I've always been envious of people who describe their runs as an "easy 5 miles." I've never run as easy 5 minutes in my life. Jealous is always a very powerful motivator though and I'm sure you'll be successful. You could always let Dash off his leash and chase him . . that would make you a runner in no time.

Jenn said...

Haha! This is so me! I used to run 2 miles every day when I was in college and I looked awesome! Today I would run 2 feet if someone was chasing me with a machete. Paul has made me run some 5k's with him and literally ine one 5k I came in last and by last I mean the cops stopping traffic had given up and left. I'll have to find it on my old blog and repost it in your honor! Let me know how the running works out.

Anonymous said...

RE: than my husband so I can be better at something than he is.

Ok, that's what stuck in my mind after reading this post - perhaps you could elaborate, is spelling the only thing you're better at than he? You just graduated from Law School and at the same time, wasn't he also taking some sort of class - do you care to divulge a comparison of grades?