Sunday, June 19, 2011

7 Months!

Here's my little 7-month old!

  • Big move!  We made the big move from Boston to DC, so that was an exciting time for him.
  • He rarely falls over when he sits now
  • He loves to talk, and has learned to move his fingers in front of his lips to make even funnier noises.
  • We've officially moved from sleeping in the carseat all night to sleeping in the crib all night.  Now we can actually use that nursery we worked so hard to put together!
  • Now we just put hi in the stroller instead of putting him in the carseat that attaches to the stroller.
  • He's got a sweet little high chair he can sit in now.
  • Avery started day care, and although on some days he's tired and cries a bit, he seems to like it there!
  • His head is still a little left-tilted, so we just stretch him as much as we can.
  • He's really grabby now, trying to get a hold of everything from leave on trees to Dash's tail (Dash doesn't love this)
  • Avery loves toys that jingle, and still carries out his Sophie squeaky toy
  • If you put your hands out, he knows he can grab them and try to stand.  He REALLY wants to stand by himself, but doesn't have the balance yet.
  • He flips easily from back to front, but once on his front, he tries to scooch around and gets frustrated.  
  • Loves to blow raspberries.
  • Drools and drools, but no teeth yet!
  • Still finds Dash hysterical.


Anonymous said...

Where do you get all these numerals to pose him with? Do you have enough to go all the way to twelve?

Ali said...

Actually, those are just cut out of cardstock and/or construction paper. The 7 looks especially nice because my dad cut it out.