Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Air Force Life

So, after 32 years of life, 3 years of law school, 2 months of bar study, and 11 months of being a stay at home mom, I'm finally a lawyer in the Air Force!  We've moved to DC, found a place, settled in (somewhat) and we've each started our jobs.

Getting used to the uniform again wasn't too bad, as it's nearly identical to my last Army uniform.  I am happy to rid myself of the Army beret and put on the "baseball cap" again.  Much cooler and provides shade for my eyes!  PT is only twice a week, which is a lot for the Air Force, and while the first day of "let's run a 5K" was a big much for my post-baby body, it's a nice changeup from the 6-7 miles I was running daily in the Army.  I love the building that our offices are in.  No more peeling linoleum or cracked tiles on the floors.  It's nice carpet, everyone is friendly and says "hi" in the hallways, and it's just a pretty building.

What is interesting is the new family dynamic that having a fulltime job creates.  I think Jon is still getting used to the fact that the wifey has a career again.  Example: his shipment of good is being delivered today, and he assumed I'd be able to stay at home to accept them because HE has a class to go to.  Turns out, I am able to stay home, but he decided this without checking to see if I was going to be able to be at home.  Avery has to get up much earlier in the morning to eat, get changed, and get packed up for day care.  And I've got to get used to that alarm going of at 5:45 every day being for me.

Speaking of day care, we've had three days of it and it's going great!  Many of you know that this day care we are at was an emergency decision with the Air Force day care fell through.  BUT, I really like it and think I want to stay there even if a spot opens up on base.  Avery is one of 4 babies, everyone loves him, and the people genuinely seem interested in our lives and the little man.   

So far so good.  Granted, I haven't had to do any real lawyering yet (clients of the world, rejoice!) but hopefully I can get into that soon and get my feet wet with what I've trained to do.

Now...just waiting for that first paycheck!!!

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