Sunday, July 17, 2011

Air Force School

Well, here I am at lovely, hot, rainy Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama with 48 of my newest and closest lawyer friends learning how to be an Air Force Lawyer.

As far as schools go, this is pretty great.  As I mentioned on my other blog, I'm living in a 2-room hotel suite with a little kitchen and a walk-in closet, and a housecleaner who comes in every day.  Completely spoiled.

There are 49 of us divided into 4 "flights" each headed by the highest ranking person.  I'm in Alpha flight, which is led by a major.  There are three majors in our class, 8 captains, and the rest are all lieutenants.  Throughout the course we have competitions among the flights to see who wins the Commandant's Cup at the end.  Just like Harry Potter.

My daily schedule generally like this:
7:30-12: Classes on lawyering.  So far we've done all civil law, which means everything that's not criminal.  We've covered wills (the #1 military issues), legal assistance, private organizations, administrative discharges, claims, torts, communication, consumer law, and a few other topics. 
12-1: Lunch
1-5: More classes
And...that's all.  We do have PT twice a week, usually at 6:30 which means we don't have to be in class until 9.

The best part of my first week was discovering that I kinda love volleyball.  In high school, I hated it.  The ball hurt my arms, I couldn't hit the ball well, and the other team would consistently hit it to me so I kept losing point after point for my team and couldn't get away from it.  I was dreading our first "Commandant's Cup" event, which was a volleyball tournament.  But, I sucked it up, and it turns out the ball doesn't hurt my arms anymore, I'm pretty good at returning, and I got really really into the match.  We came in second, and there were times when I rotated out that I couldn't wait to get back in the game.  Now I want to play pick up matches and everything!

Other than learning to be a lawyer, I have a couple of personal goals during this 9 weeks.  I want to drop the last few pounds of baby weight and get this little tummy to disappear.  So, I found a friend to hold me accountable and tomorrow we start our 5am running workouts, which will not only help me to improve my run time, but will hopefully take care of my jiggle.  I'm eating very very healthy while I'm here, following the recipe guidelines that my husband Jon drilled into my head over the last few years, and not snacking a lot.

I also am enrolled in Squadron Officer School which is a correspondence course for captains the Air Force has set up.  I'm trying to find time to do these tests to try to knock out this course while I'm down here to impress my boss.  They just cover random leadership stuff, so hopefully I can guess my way through most of the questions.

One week down, Eight to go!


Anonymous said...

Good luck in leading Hufflepuff to victory!

Luke Taber said...

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