Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Unpretty in pink

In the hospital ER.  Good times.
Guess who's the first Beach to have pinkeye!  I'll give you a hint, it's not the 10-month old who goes to day care every day.  It's me, the mom!  Yep, after itching led to redness, led to squinting, and many members (MANY MEMBERS) of my office saying things like:

" looks worse"
"Whoa, what happened?!"
"Can you even SEE out of that eye?"

I decided it was time to go to the doctor.  So, one quick call to the ophthalmology clinic on base got me to an answer of "Sorry, we're specialty - you need to talk to your doctor first."  Fine.  One quick web look up of my doctor's appointments showed me that she has no appointments for any reason at any time in the next two weeks.  Fantastic.  So, after many more comments and stares, I went to the emergency room where I got a hospital bracelet and everything.  I felt bad - I really just needed eyedrops for pinkeye and some poor sap had to admit me and everything for a 30 minute visit.

So, Jon gave me the first drop tonight and nothing new to report.  Except that my eye feels worse now.  I'm so glad I learned to wink and that I wink with my left eye because I'm eternally winking right now.  So that should be fun when my client tomorrow thinks I'm hitting on him the whole time.

Also, a little girl stared at me in Target today because I look so hideous.  And I have to wear my glasses now.  I was so bummed about my ugly eye and my ugly glasses that I came home and did what I promised myself I wouldn't do anymore: I cut myself bangs.  So, add ugly bangs to that list.  My impulsiveness and overconfidence in my ability to cut my own hair never ceases to amaze me......


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Ali said...

Ha ha ha ha ha

Lisa said...

I'm sorry. I hate pink eye. It will go away soon now that you have the drops. Show us a picture of your bangs!

Ali said...

I will, when I stop going through cutting-my-own-bang regret and figure out what to do with them!