Sunday, December 11, 2011

No really, I finished a project

I love crafts, I love DIY projects.  The trouble is finishing them.  I kinda suck at that.  BUT, here's a project that I actually finished, and mostly in one day!

I had seen this really awesome fabric wreath on Fresh Home and thought that it would be a fun project to work on while watching TV.  So, I bought the very last metal wreath frame at Michael's and then a couple of weeks late managed to get to our local Wal-Mart which has a fabric section to pick out fabric.  I wanted white fabric with some silver thrown in.  Of course, THAT didn't exist.  So, I picked out white fabric with some red and green fabric to blend in here and there AND got some fabric to make curtains.  I was on a fabric-craft-making roll.  I stood at the fabric cutting counter for 15 minutes, couldn't get anyone to help me, determined it was fate and went home, fabric-less.  Ho hum. 

On an unrelated note, I got my hair cut (too short!) at Hair Cuttery last weekend and decided I needed to do something with this wreath frame that was just sitting around the house.  I mean, it was the LAST one at Michael's, so I can't really gloat about it unless I use it for something.  If it just sits around my house, I'm just the bitch who took the last one for no reason.  I don't want to be that bitch.  So, I stopped by the party store and picked up a cheap garland, and when me and my shorn head got home, I went to work:
A little wrappity wrap of the garland
FOUND!  Cheap decorations circa last Christmas' Dollar Tree Adventures
Said decorations stylishly placed
FOUND!  Wooden "B" from unfinished (shocker) craft project
FOUND!  In the basement: gold paint for the B.  Against, stylishly placed.

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