Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Oh folks, it's been a whirlwind of a winter thus far, with lots of bad mixed in with good.  To catch everyone up on what's been going on (and hopefully it will be clear why I haven't been blogging much), I've compiled this handy list:
  • GOOD: Pregnancy is moving right along!  Ultrasound #2 is tomorrow (because at ultrasound #1, I was not "as pregnant" as they thought - meaning not as far along).  
  • ROUGH: Had my first fully litigated general court-martial (aka a big fucking deal) last week only to have it delayed because on the day of trial, the defendant's friend turns himself in for the same crime.
  • GOOD: Jon and I booked our tickets to the Virgin Islands, where we will be headed in March.  Want to be jealous-er?  Check out http://www.peterisland.com where we'll be staying part of the time.
  • ROUGH: Remember the first bullet in the list?  Well, I hate being pregnant, and this baby is worse than Avery.  More morning sickness, more exhaustion, and showing much sooner.  That means - maternity uniforms which could not look more hideous.
  • GOOD: I finished the last quarter of 2011 with stellar statistics at my job.
  • ROUGH: I started the first quarter of 2012 with horrible statistics at my job.
  • GOOD: I finally hung up some curtains.
  • ROUGH: Jon wants to move again.
  • GOOD: We finally got a dinner/movie night thanks to my friend who offered to babysit.
  • ROUGH: Our waiter was so slow, we missed the movie, had to come home and rent Moneyball and watch it around Avery.
  • GOOD: Avery is being adorable!  He knows where his tongue, ears, nose, and toes are.  He puts his arms up when you tell him, he loves to carry things back and forth from mommy to daddy, and his favorite saying is "Uh-Oh What?"
  • ROUGH: He also loves the remote control and I'm worried that we've incidentally purchased many OnDemand movies.
  • GOOD: The winter weather has been AMAZING in DC!  Mild, no snow, just how I like it!!
  • ROUGH: My passport is covered with mold
  • GOOD: I found a mall with the Asian massage chairs in it.  And an IKEA.  
  • ROUGH: I haven't been blogging
  • GOOD: I've been reading everyone else's blogs and am continuously inspired!!  
  • BETTER: I've switched jobs and I think I'll have more time to blog now.
So, lots of good/rough to report, but hopefully you all are caught up now! 

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Lisa said...

I feel sorry for you because of the items in your rough category . . . but not that sorry because I checked out that website of where you're staying and am INSANELY jealous. When do you go?