Sunday, February 26, 2012

Proud of Being a Square

I'm determined to get SOME semblance of decor in my house.  At the moment, nothing matches, everything's random (hello, picnic table as a desk in my living room) and we look like we are still college students and not 30-something professionals.  But what's a renter who can't/doesn't have time to paint to?

I stumbled on a Groupon this past summer from Dali Decals.  I love wall decals.  Not stupid sayings like "All because two people fell in love" but more abstract fun ones.  Dali had these cool squares advertised on their site, and I bought them up.  Because I have no imagination or creativity, I just used the same colors in the picture they had.  I'm a big fan of maroon anyway, so it worked for me.

 Here's what I started off with: lots and lots of cut out (by yours truly) maroon and brown squared with the special backing.

Jumping ahead a bit, you can see the process - attach the squares to the wall first to position them.  I actually left them up with the backing on for a couple of weeks.  Every once in a while, I would stand back, look at it, readjust, and go on with my day.  I did NOT want to replace these once they were on.  When I liked the position, I started peeling, sticking, and peeling again!

Ignoring the blue reflection from the television, you can see the colors are very bold and vibrant.  Love!

The finished product!  A great way to fill up a large wall that you can't really paint without putting a million holes for pictures up. 

This will look awesome with the brown leather couch that I'm envisioning in my head.  Also, we're filling up the sides with two large framed pieces (to be shown later).  Everyone go get wall decals from Dali Decals!

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