Friday, April 20, 2012

Boy or Girl???

So the big gender reveal is next week.  My ultrasound is on Tuesday and I'm announcing the gender of the baby on Wednesday (bringing pink/blue cupcakes to work on Wednesday and don't want to ruin the surprise).  But, I thought it would be fun to try some old wives tales and home predictors to see how accurate they were.  Here's what they came up with:

#1: Chinese Calendar:  According to this, you take your age at time of conception (32) and the month of conception (December....I think) and they give you a gender.  Survey says....BOY!

#2: Heartrate:  The rules are if the baby's heart rate is over 140, it's a girl.  Below, it's a boy.  Baby Beach #2 was bopping along at around 156.  Survey says....GIRL!

#3: Where it sits:  If your belly is high, it's a girl.  If it's low, it's a boy.  I think my belly looks like it did with Avery, and people say I'm "low".  Survey says....BOY!

#4: The necklace test:  Swinging a pendant over your pregnant belly, look to see if it goes in a circle (girl) or swings back and forth in a line (boy).  Jon did this earlier this week while Avery looked on baffled.  Survey says...GIRL!

#5: Husband a fatty?:  If the hubby gains weight during a pregnancy, it's a girl.  If he doesn't, it's a boy.  Granted, Jon's been working out a lot in preparation for his death trip vacation to Mexico to go cave hunting, so maybe it's because of the exercise, but no weight gain.  Survey says....BOY!

Yikes, go figure, they all say something different.  Guess we'll find out soon which ones held true!!

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