Thursday, April 05, 2012


We’re doing it again, folks.  Buying a house.  Now, I know you’re saying “But, you already own a house in Boston and you are renting in DC.”  This is all true, BUT, just like in Boston, it’s a very rentable city, DC is, and one where we could buy a house, actually live in a place that we own, and rent it out when we move on to our next duty station, wherever that might be.

Dream sheet?  Single-family house near a metro station.  Our agent has so far sent us tons of townhouses, but we haaate townhouses.  Everyone all squished together, 3 or 4 stories of narrow living, and lots of stairs.  No thanks!    We are holding out for the elusive single-family in one of the most expensive cities in the country.  Yay us!

I’ll, of course, be documenting it all here, but keep your fingers crossed!



Take a look in Eastern Market if there are any open. I love that area and it's close to the metro!!!

Ali said...

True, but PRICEY! Going to slum in the burbs :-)