Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sledgehammer Magic

Hey everyone - take a look at the sweet sidewalk turned planter accomplished by my friend Andrea and her husband Mike!

Hey look at me!  I'm an old cracked sidewalk!
And I got the crap smashed out of me with a sledgehammer!
Some good sized pieces left to transform into a planter
Stacking up pieces of broken sidewalk, lining the thing with mesh, filling with dirt, adding plants.  Done.
Close up glamour shot
So for just around $300, Andrea and Mike smashed up an unwanted old crap sidewalk into big pieces and stacked them all up to make this kick-ass planter.  No mortar required, just a newly inspired American citizen with a sledgehammer, some mesh, dirt, and plants (that's where the $300 comes in) and they killed two birds with one stone.  Brava!

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That is really creative and looks fabulous!!!