Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Baby Cakes

Since I'm not a big mushy baby shower person, but I did want to do SOMETHING cute to tell people what I'm having, I opted to make gender cupcakes for my office!

Step 1 - Make a cupcake from a box mix.  Just like nature intended.

Step 2 - Cut a little cone out of each cupcake

Step 3 - Use pre-made icing (yay!) in a convenient spray-cheese-kinda can to fill up that cone with pink icing for a baby girl!

Step 4 - Cone gets cut down and place back on top

Step 5 - Ice away!  Fool the masses by including both pink AND blue sprinkles on the cupcake as well as a yellow baby bottle/pacifier topper.

That's all!  No one knows what you're having until they bite into that delicious pink icing inside!  Thanks SOOOO much to my mom who did everything from ice cupcakes to wrangle Avery away from the oven when it was time to open it.  Yay!  Learned during this process: substitute 1/2 a pureed banana when you are short an egg!  Just a fun fact from me to you.


Andrea said...

I love this idea. Really pretty fun and simple

Justin said...

Michelle and I were just talking about ways to fill cupcakes like that. It also would've been funny to put a little plastic baby boy or baby girl in there; just bake it in. Like a Mardi Gras King Cake. Choking hazards make any function more fun!

Alison Beach said...

Andrea - thanks!

Justin - I thought about doing that, but cooking a baby is something I do every day in my womb. I don't need to also do it in cake form.