Monday, May 21, 2012

Still pregnant. Still hate being pregnant.

Look at the baby, not my cartoon genitals, please.

Hey, it's been a while since I mentioned that I'm pregnant.  Just like everyone said, it won't be as "OH MY GOSH!!" the second time around, and I don't have the time to be blown away by every little thing when I'm working full time and chasing around after a toddler.  But, I'm still pregnant - 24 weeks, and according to the Googles, our little girl has a whole face developed now. I hope it's cute!

This pregnancy has been really tough for me, I won't lie.  Note that I'm writing this at 1am because I'm sick.  Again.  Since I've gotten pregnant, I've taken 3 days of work off, and will probably take tomorrow off as well, which I just flat out can't afford to do with our busy tempo.  First trimester was a lot more nausea than last go-around, and I had to get on meds to help me cope with that so I don't vomit in my neighbor's yard while walking the dog.  Again.  (Good thing we do walks at 5:30 in the morning and no one was around to see me!)

This trimester has brought on the heartburn a little earlier than I had hoped, and the sciatica is BRUTAL.  I sit down to do some work at the dining room table, and when I stand up, I can't put any weight on my left side because of the shooting pain down my back, butt, and leg.  Kinda like when you're at a bar taking shots and you feel totally sober until you stand up.  Just like that.  Except I'm not drinking, so it's not fun.

I guess last time I was post-bar-exam and pre-Air-Force, so I had nothing to do but sit around and relax and enjoy being pregnant.  I would walk Dash in the ocean every day, get the nursery ready, and really enjoy my free time.  Now, I'm cramming myself into a uniform, trying to prepare for a court-martial, remembering what Avery needs at day-care, working to close on our new house, and trying to spend a bit of quality time that that guy who got me into this situation to begin with.  It's tough!

But, you have to thank God for your blessings.  Other than pregnancy-related illnesses, we are all healthy.  many people try and try to get pregnant and can't, so I'm lucky that we haven't had trouble doing so when we want to.  I have a well-paying job and a toddler who is ridiculously adorable and sleeps through the night.  I also like my hair. 

So, that's all for my 1am post of ranting/trying to be thankful.  I'm off to lay around, not sleep, and wait until 5:30 to call in sick to work, but then email everyone and demand that work be sent to my house.

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