Friday, May 18, 2012

Virgin Islands Vacation - a few photos

I know it was a while ago, but here's some photos of our vacation from back in March!  Instead of doing a day-by-day of our Virgin Islands vacation, I thought I would pick out the good parts and accompany them with Jon's amazing photography along the way.  Enjoy!

So much of our vacation was about food this time around - what can I say, we love to eat!!!  Above is the delicious fresh fish that my amazing friend Byron threw on the grill for us on the deck of his apartment in St. Thomas.  Beautiful food, beautiful view

Byron serves up a delicious meal for us - what a fantastic host!! That's Brenda, his tree, in the background.

We stayed our first two nights on St. John in eco-tents powered by solar panels!  Here I am checking them out!
Sharing our eco-tent?  Hermit crabs!  (Don't worry, they stay outside)  Picture hundreds of these little guys waiting for scraps.  You could see (and hear) the hill slowly move as they slowly traveled around.

I'm not one to let a little vacation interrupt March Madness!  Our first night in St. John, we drove around until we found a bar with a TV on and I watched the Hoosiers scare me before they finally beat VCU in the tournament.  It was a rough watch, but we pulled it off!

More delicious food!  The Island hush puppie (actually called conch fritters) for brunch at Miss Lucy's in St. John.  So. Effing. Delicious.
Accompanied at brunch by a little jazz music!
As some of you know, we are big geocachers.  Here's me deciphering a clue while a donkey is less-than-helpful.

Amazing cache found hanging in a tree on a sandbar
There's just a few pictures of our trip - more to come next week!  Have an awesome weekend, and if you're in the area, come to the Open House/Air Show on Joint Base Andrews!

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