Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Herb "Garden"

Well, not so much as a garden, which seems to require digging, squatting, and all sorts of labor-intensive things I just don't want to do in my third trimester.  BUT, taking advice from My Frugal Adventures I mosied on through Target's outdoor section (which usually I avoid because we don't do much with our outdoor space and can't kill enough mosquitos to really enjoy it) and I fell in love with the color and price of these buckets.  Love the lime green and bright yellow (am I on a yellow kick?  Methinks so, see my lamp re-do and the pops of yellow in the gallery wall) of these little plastic planters.

The green ones were $2.04 on clearance and the yellow ones were $1.48.  I didn't even bother to ask the cashier why they would possibly be a different price.  I just took my clearance and ran.  The plan was to get some herbs to plant in them which could be easily transported to the new house.  This plan turned out to be a good idea when Jon got pissed off during supper prep that his store-bought basil had gone bad.  So, off to Lowe's we went!  All I wanted was basil, so I let Jon pick out the rest.  He picked Lemon Balm, Hot Spicy Oregano, and German Thyme.

Hey guys, here's your new home!

A quick transport into the pots....

But my little herbs were having an identity crisis, so we gave them name sticks made from paint stirrers (swiped from the Lowe's paint counter when no one was looking).

You are basil.

I didn't really have an outside shelf to put them on, so they are squatting on our air conditioner at the moment, which brightens up the big grey box!

Are you herbing it up this summer?

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