Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Mirror Mirror Off the Wall

Hey, we're American and we have this IKEA mirror.  Just like every other home I've seen.

And I like it a lot - versatile, classic, it's a good purchase.  BUT, it did not go well where we hung it in our entryway.  See?  Too big, off-centered.  Just looks like we threw it up there.  Which we did.  Tee-hee.  You can see in its reflection a new mirror eagerly waiting in the wings.  Enter a mirror originally from Homegoods that I acquired during an office move and no one has seemed to miss.  Shhh...  Taking off the big mirror left me with a couple of big holes and wall patches that came with our house (yay - rentals!).


So, I couldn't center the new mirror EXACTLY on the wall, because I needed to use it to cover up some flaws so I wouldn't have to do all that annoying patchwork.

Voila!  A fun mirrored mirror that fits into the space nicely, creates a nice looks, and is different than the standard old IKEA mirror.  If only we could paint the walls.  Sigh.

Note that Jon has never liked this mirror sitting around and didn't want to hang it up.  BUT, if you hang it up when he's not at home, he comes home and says "Cool, a new mirror!" as though he's never seen it before.  Brilliant.

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