Friday, June 15, 2012

Wreath Change-Out

I've had a great time building and changing out my door wreaths every holiday this year! 

Here is what I had for spring/Easter using, again, this $5 wreath from Michael's and some ribbon picked up in those amazing bargain bins at the beginning of Target:

Another trip to Michael's led me to some cupcake toppers:

So, I took off the ribbons and put in the toppers.  Avery was a great help.

Here's what Avery's finished project look liked.  Needless to say, I did some slight adjustment afterwards.

Avery's wreath
After some changes, I added in the American flag that Avery grabbed at Michael's and immediately started sucking on (so we had to buy it).  Then, it's back on the door!

Happy summer, everyone!



That's a really cool idea! I love Michaels, they have some cool cake pop items. I have gotten into making these gluten free things. They are much better but it's a matter of making the gluten free stuff taste's all in how you prepare the batter/dough.

Alison Beach said...

Thanks - I love Michael's, too. I haven't jumped on the cake pop train, but it might be a fun dessert for Avery!