Friday, July 20, 2012

World Market Wonders

I like to shop (evident here).  And when I can't shop (like, let's say when I'm getting ready to move and the point is to get RID of things, not so much accumulate them, I like to browse around and find things I love and hopefully buy them later.

Our house is being worked on by my beloved husband, but I haven't really been over there because 1) I'm pregnant and can't help, 2) The place isn't safe for Avery to run around, and 3) My 20-month old just isn't old enough to stay at home by himself.  Maybe next month.  BUT, last weekend, I did convince Jon to take me to World Market (a place I've been avoiding like the plague for fear I'll buy the store out) so I could browse around for neat ideas.  (BTW, I'm completely obsessed with this store now).  Jon said "I hope this place is cool" but as you can see here...

Even Jon found a section he liked (and he left with two things of chai tea and some raspberry/rhubarb jam!  Even Avery picked up something that he liked:

But, let's face it, this was about me.  And here's all the cool things that I found!!!

I'm considering doing a very naturesque natural wood and materials theme in the new place.  Considering.  I don't know.  But, if I did, I liked these frames which looked like they were made of bone and rock.

I love the idea of a round, natural hamper for the bathroom.  Something that wouldn't embarrass me if guests saw it.  This would also be a great storage basket for towels in a guest bath.  Or kids books.  Hmm...lots of possibilities.

In my dream home, I'd replace every knob with something funky.  In a house that must appeal to renters, I'd just use these gorgeous little bobbles for furniture.

I love two things about these: 1) the bright colors and 2) the pattern that they'll put on a wall when you put a candle inside.  Nice!

I love the crocheted look of these floor poofs and can picture Avery rolling all over them.  I also like the idea of giving Dash that big cushion.  He's a good dog, usually, he deserves a great bed.

Fell in love with this pretty patterned tray.  I love serving appetizers on great trays.

Never could I talk Jon into such a plate design (these were purple) but how fun are they??

I love these brightly colored hot plate holders which could add the amazing pop of color in a kitchen that I'm picturing in my head.  I've also seen these used as decorations up on the wall.  I like how they are different patterns.

U-S-A!  We love maps, and I loved the look of this.  It probably would have fallen into the below "I can make that!" section, but I wouldn't have the patience to be as precise with the map drawing.

I'm really digging sitting poufs, and this pattern (kinda like the serving tray above) is bright and fun!

I like these wire serving trays which look like you could spray paint them a bright color and use them for parties or fruit in the kitchen.

Super cute white and blue birdy kitchen holders.

This clock was ginormous!  I didn't even look at the price, but it's vintagy and neat colors.  My top two favorite things.  I just hope it doesn't make loud noises (we currently have to shut the bathroom doors while sleeping because our bathroom clocks tick the seconds so loud).

My dream is to hang a ton of these from an overhead awning over a great outdoor table.  We don't have this setup in this new house, but one can dream!

Jon actually spied this table and we loved the older looking wood and the tough iron look of the legs.  Not to mention the fact it stands without a support on one side, making it fun to look at!

I loved this metal wine rack.  Very industrial.

Jon liked this one better.  I did like the neato handle on the side!

I was obviously on an industrial kick, as I also fell in love with this metal chair.  It was on a table, so I didn't know how comfortable it was.

I love spice holders!  And we have TONS of spices, thanks to my husband's love of cooking.  Wouldn't it be fun to have a giant magnetic strip all around your kitchen with brightly colored spice holders spread out all over??

There's not much I love more than glass bottles and containers.  So, I stared at this shelf for a long time resisting the urge to buy anything.  It was tough.

And now, I'd like to introduce a few things I call the "I can make that!" section.  These are things that, given the proper thrifted item, I'm pretty sure I can pull off.

Letters covered in maps.  These are pretty hot on the decor scene right now.  I believe that with spare maps, cheap letters from Michael's, an exacto knife, some glue and some modge podge, I could knock this out.

Red Asian bench for $149?  This could probably start as an old coffee table from Goodwill for $20 that I paint red.  The end.

Awesome recycled wood/metal storage basket unit.  The shelf itself seems simple enough, and if I could find the baskets to fit (or find the baskets and have Jon build the shelf to fit) it would be a snap.

I think this is for keys - it seemed to be a frame with burlap in the middle.  I think it would be awesome to expand this into a fun Advent calendar for kids, hanging ornaments or candy canes or something from each hook.

I loved the beachy feel of these glasses, which I could probably imitate with some twine glued around the right glasses.

And, that was our trip!  Needless to say, I love this store, and I can't wait to get into the new place to start thinking about what pieces would go in all of our new rooms!!


Justin said...

Best part of this post was the video of Avery playing with whatever that thing was. Did you curl his hair?

Amanda B. said...

I love this place! There was one in downtown SD when we lived there and I had to resist going in and buying everything.

Alison Beach said...

Justin - Agreed! We didn't curl his hair, it gets curlier the more excited he gets about things.

Amanda - I know! I kinda wish I had never gone in now...