Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Nursery Update

Holy 9-months pregnant!  That was a fast summer (even though some days were really really draggy!).  Between getting a promotion at work and moving to another townhouse, I almost forgot I was having a baby.  Don't worry, the exhaustion and giant belly reminded me.

Remember the nursery like this?

Well, I told Jon that since our house is in such disarray, I just want ONE room to get ready soon, so I picked the nursery because it's the smallest and we need it kind of soon.  So, we got the carpet (yay!) and Jon painted the trim, so next on my list was getting rid of those pale yellowy walls and putting up something else.  I headed to the HD and got three samples of colors and put them up on the wall.  I was shooting for a grayish-purple:

no, no,

But....they all seemed TOO purple to me.  Although I don't mind the purple for Cassidy's nursery, since we'll eventually be renting this house out, we wanted it neutral enough to not make people go, "UGH, PURPLE!"  So, I went back to HD and just bought two gallons of Twilight Grey on the spot and hoped it would look great.  My friend Andrea came over to help out (I can't get on ladders) and, guess what?  It looks great!

The color is a light grey, but in different light could have a hint of blue or grey.  It's perfectly neutral, but also great for Cassidy's nursery because I've FINALLY decided that her theme is going to be hot-air balloons and this will be a lovely sky background. 

I've already forged ahead with nursery decorations, but those are to come later, so stay tuned!

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