Friday, August 24, 2012

Searching for Spots

Now that the nursery is painted, I wanted to bring in some color to offset the neutrality and coolness of the white trim and Twilight Grey walls.  Since my theme is hot air balloons, I had in my mind exactly what I wanted for the floor: bright circle rugs that seem happy and balloony.  So, naturally, when I went to IKEA, they only had rugs in lime green.  I'm not opposed to lime green, but I wanted more of a multi-color look.  So, I went to the Googles to find what I was sure was all over, but nope, no small circle bright rugs.  Walmart did have some, but they were $20 each, and I was looking to go a bit cheaper.

Circle marks the spot!

Enter Target's Room Essentials Circle Bath Rugs!  Bright, uber-soft and shaggy (since they are bathmats), and the perfect size to lay around the room. Avery likes rolling around on them, so maybe I should get some for his room, too.

New home
I picked Aqua, Orange, and Pink (although they have different official color names) to add a lot of brightness into the nursery.  They are going to reflect the awesome hot air balloons I'm crafting up my sleeve also!

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