Saturday, September 08, 2012

She made it!

Introducing Cassidy Alma Beach  in all her seven pound, three ounce glory.

Around midnight on Thursday morning I woke up to go to the bathroom (as per pregnancy) and thought, "Did my water break? And are those contractions?" I laid around and pondered these questions for a few hours before finally calling the hospital. We had an appointment for Operation Flip The Baby at 6am anyway, so if I was off my rocker the worst that happens is that I show up a couple hours early.

When I got to the hospital, after almost yelling at Jon for wanting to eat a bowl of cereal when 1) I was not allowed to eat and 2) I'm in freaking labor here buddy, it was quite obvious my water breaking.  Sorry, janitor.  And since my water had broken, Operation Flip The Baby was aborted and a C Section was the only option, as she was still breech.
So, an hour later I am walking into an operating room. Just a tad bit terrifying if you hadn't really seen one before.  I got up on the bed, got a big shot in the back and started numbing up. Very very weird sensation as I could feel things happening while they prepped. In fact, I kept saying things like, "hey I can still feel that" out loud, so they wouldn't start slicing me open.  The doc assured me I would get used to feeling sensations without feeling pain. He was right but that was a tough concept to grasp.
Sheet went up, Jon came in, doc cut out the baby and we were done in 20 minutes!!

So far it's going well, she's breastfeeding like a champ and sleeping a lot (which means we can too!) Welcome to the family!!

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