Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall Decor - Part #2

Remember when I bought three little lanterns and painted them yellow?

Well, I went back to Target the next week and went a little overboard buying black lanterns on clearance for the sole purpose of using them for fall/Halloween decor.

Using my yellow ones and painting the others orange or silver or leaving them black, I created a fun lineup of color on a shelf in our stairwell!

Then I went out and found those little flameless tealights to give them some extra oomph.

Every day when he gets home from day care, Avery helps me turn all the little lights on.  It's colorful and fun to see them flickering on our stairs as we go up and down a million times a day!  I also threw in some letters I picked up at Michael's, some leftover leaves from this fall decor project, and a couple of photos from family fall fun of the past.  I think it will be fun to add holiday photos from past years every year.  Hope your house is looking nice and fally!

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