Friday, October 19, 2012

Nursery Complete-Ish!

Although there may be some additions or changes, the nursery is pretty much complete!

Remember that we started with this:

Yellowish walls, old stained carpet

Dingy trim
And now we have this:

What a difference a design makes!
Entrance to the nursery
Orange, Aqua, and Hot Pink hot air balloons hang from the ceiling
Bunny hanging out on the changing table
Now if only she could read!
Hot air balloon closet knob - just a cute touch
Glider and some of the artwork..and bunny again
A card given to me in the hospital and the modern day sampler I made
A little silvery lamp in the corner

Here are all the details:
  • Paint color is Twilight Grey, by Behr
  • The carpet is Insightful III in the shade of Linen, from Home Depot
  • The crib is Delta Winter Park 3-in-1 Convertible Crib, which my mom bought for Cassidy at Target
  • The changing table is IKEA's Sniglar table, which we chose because it fit perfectly.
  • The hot air balloons were made by yours truly, "pin"spired from Pinterest - here's how I did it!
  • Cassidy's name was made from cardboard and yarn (on the 6th go-around)
  • The artwork is a modern day sampler I made using Microsoft Word (click here to download the template and make it your own!).  Also, I framed the card that Jon, Avery, and my dad brought to me with some flowers in the hospital.
  • The lamp is just something we've had forever
  • The rugs are bathmats that I picked up at Target
  • The curtains are Vivan curtains from IKEA that I hemmed up (slightly unevenly) with fabric glue and hung wider and taller than the window
  • The closet doorknob is from Anthropologie
  • The changing table fabric bins are from Target
  • The rocker was a good score from Craigslist (yay!) 
  • The clothes hamper was a Target find also (sorry, couldn't find it online)
  • The balloon art right near the door I made on a whim 
I really love how it all turned out.  It's so nice just to step in there into a bright but peaceful room.  It makes me so relaxed and happy (and a bit jealous - I wish my bedroom looked so put together!)  I'll probably hang more art as we go along, but I felt like enough was finished to show everyone all the work I've put into it with the help of my friend Andrea, my dad, and my husband, Jon.

Hope you like it, too!

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