Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bay-bee Steps

Well, I finally have a slight room update to share.  Now, please be assured we have made a lot of updates to the house, but it takes a while before I can probably blog about them.  So, without further ado, here's the current state of our bay window.  As you'll recall, we started with this:

Ugly red valance
And here's where we are now:

So this picture was obviously taken from further back, but what I've done is take off the valance, and use a really big curtain rod (Bed Bath and Beyond) and crisp white curtains (Vivian curtains from IKEA) to border the entire bay window area instead of decorating with the valance.  You can also see (and more about this later) that we bought a sweet bench/storage unit for Avery's toys.

Now, no need to tell the husband about my next plan, since they are hiding in a bottom drawer upstairs, but I purchased these amazing curtains at IKEA last weekend:
Ka-POW!  There's some color!  A little too much for Jon Beach at the moment, so once the walls are painted a nice, neutral color that will make these curtains look good, these babies are going up.  It's going to look AMAZING.

So left to do will be to paint the walls, get new blinds for the windows, and hang up those beautiful curtains.  All in good time, but I like how it's slowly coming about.

Do you have any secret things purchased that you can't tell your significant other/roommate about yet?

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