Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Hello, Ebay!

I've purchased things off of Ebay for years.  Swing dancing clothes, an autographed photo of James Earl Jones, I mean, there's all kinds of stuff on there.  Downstairs in our basement are boxes of my great grandmother's china.  You see where this is going.  Now before I get accused of being the worst great granddaughter ever, please know that I didn't know my great grandmother, and this china isn't very adorable (although Sherry at Young House Love did use a piece of it to show something vintage and fall!). 

But before we get to that, I was very nervous about selling.  Then I realized that if all the people dumber than me in the world can sell on Ebay, so can I.  I started out reading all the tutorials about selling to see how it works.  Ebay suggested that you take something around your house and sell it just to see how it all works.  So, I took a Winnie-the-Pooh light plate that was left in our house and replaced when we redid the nursery and threw it up for 99 cents just to see how the process worked.

And wow, this thing sold for $13.26 when all was said and done!  Obviously, I was  hooked.  So, up the china has started going, piece by piece.

Goodbye salt and pepper shakers, sold for $9.99 (only one bid)

Goodbye gravy boat, sold for $5.75 (three bids)

Goodbye little sugar bowl, sold for a whopping$31.00 (20 bids!)

I love selling!  It's a great way to bank a few extra bucks and make some space in our house.  And, I'm actually doing something with the china instead of just giving it to the Goodwill.  What do you think?  Bad granddaughter, or china-selling genius??


Anonymous said...

Nice work! and a lot of bang for your buck, it seems. I've been wanting to sell for a while now- my hang-up is calculating shipping costs! How do you do that??

And I happen to love those pieces! They appeal to the mid-century freak in me!!

Alison Beach said...

Happy to send you one - what kind of piece are you interested in?

Shipping is easier than I thought it would be (was nervous, too). Ebay guesstimates the cost based on package size and people put in their zip code for something more exact. Never dead on, but close enough!