Friday, December 21, 2012

Our Christmas Morning

I love the idea of our kids having Christmas in their own house, but because we are so nomadic, we are always traveling during Christmas.  So I decided that our new tradition is that the weekend before we travel to St. Louis and Indiana we'll have our own Christmas.  And when Avery is old enough to understand, we'll tell him that Santa makes a special early trip just for our family. 

So, Christmas Eve night, we hung out and watched the original Charlie Brown Christmas, which is much more tuned to adults than I remember.  Then, after Avery went to bed, Jon and I put together one of his Christmas presents and set the rest out.

Our future - putting together toys on Christmas Eve

But Rosemary Clooney was keeping us company

Ready for Christmas morning!
PS - thanks to everyone for the Christmas cards that decorate our non-breakable tree!  So when Avery got up in the morning, we acted extra excited about him coming downstairs and he caught sight of the presents from the stairs where he sat for a while considering what was going on.

But once he got a present in front of him, he got the picture


He got (and I'm hoping I won't regret) a box of musical instruments!

Avery's other presents include a model of Air Force One (special meaning, since the President flies out of my base all the time), an Ernie book, an Elmo DVD, and some toy trains.  Of course, he also got a restock of plastic spatulas.


And, the best present of all: a trampoline!

Cassidy got some socks from our friend Cynthia, but was mostly happy just to have breakfast and watch Avery go crazy.

 As for us, Jon got a Keurig for his office and some earmuffs/warm winter hat with built in headphones from me.  From Avery he got...and Avery bobblehead!

Jon and his little Avery.  Head proportions are pretty exact
I got a toolbox and tools all for myself - with pink handles!  And, my extra special present was Jon coordinating with a local company for me to bring in a picture and/or design my own dress and they will make it for me!  No more whining about not having anything to wear to holiday parties anymore!!

 We'll be in the Midwest again with the families for the holidays, so posts may be infrequent.  Happy Holidays from the Beach Family!

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