Wednesday, December 12, 2012

So long, dear friends

My wardrobe is pretty sad.  Jeans that currently don't fit, thanks to this little lady, a few random shirts, and lots of dresses that look cute, but I rarely wear.  I do love certain pieces of my wardrobe though.  I love this grey dress I got from Banana Republic, a brown and gold sequined T-shrit, and these shoes.

I can't tell you where these shoes came from or when I got them, but they've been worn to everything from a general's cocktail party to a German swing dance.  I love the deep color, the 1940s vintage feel, and the little fringed flower on the toe.  But, you can see from the picture, it's time to say goodbye.  I recently wore them at a party and they were uncomfortable, the flower on one shoe kept falling off, and let's not even discuss the multiple layers of shoes that are visible under the heel.  Sadly, it's time to let them go - even if I fixed the problems, they still wouldn't be comfortable anymore.

What piece of clothing have you recently parted with or are dreading the day when it's time to say adios?

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Anonymous said...

Oh god- I have a pair of brown sandal heels that I still have not managed to part with, but they NEED to go. They're from a hipper offshoot of Aerosole and they're SO comfortable and cute!! But I quietly put them in the box to be packed and then back on the shoe rack in the new closet. I'll have to have some kind of send-off. *wipes a tear*