Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mamma got some bling

I had quite the jewelry infused Christmas holiday!  First....THIS TOTALLY HAPPENED:

Yikes, grey hair....time for a touchup
Ka-POW!  Ears pierced.  What?  It's not a big deal?  You should have told me that 20 years ago.  Yep, after 33 years of hole-less ears, I finally got my ears pierced.  And, because the universe likes to be mean to me, I actually got THREE punches in the ears because after the second earring went it, it actually broke and the whole thing had to be redone.  Good times.  To celebrate, I let Jon pick out my first non-starter earrings and he got me these cute little starfish so by the time Belize rolls around, I can wear them :-)

Then, this happened:

SMACK!  For our 5 year anniversary (October of 2011), Jon set aside some money for a proper wedding ring (not that I don't love the cheap little silver band we bought in St. Lucia, but you know, a little sparkle wouldn't kill a girl).  I used part of this money to buy back the engagement ring that disappeared when our house got robbed, and the rest has just been sitting around.  We finally went through a few jewelry stores before I set my eyes on this 1/2 carat gorgeous band.  Small enough to not be annoying, but with just enough sparkle to be special. 

So I got all blinged out in just one day.  Why can't every day be blingy day?


Anonymous said...


And yay for pierced ears! Now you can troll Etsy for cute earrings.

Any particular reason why you hadn't ever done it?

Alison Beach said...

First, I was scared. Then, I joined the Army where you can't wear earrings. Finally, I just got used to myself without them. But I think having a little girl made me want to be more girly for her.

Mary said...

Psht on the gray...looks like "ash blonde" to me gorgeous! ;-)
And the ring is BEAUTIFUL!