Friday, January 11, 2013

Operation: Find-a-Plate

Soooo....Target and Neiman Marcus teamed up this holiday season to put overpriced items designed by people like Jason Wu and Marc Jacobs in Target stores.  Not worth the money.  Worth it at a 70% discount?  Hells yeah.  So, I was on My Frugal Adventure and I saw the announcement that all of this Neiman Marcus stuff was super-discounted.  The only thing I wanted were these gorgeous little dessert plates.

Hello, my lovelies
Aren't they just great???

So I went to Target's website, and naturally, these plates, discounted to $12 for a set of 4 from $40 is out of stock and it says it's not available in stores. Womp Wommmp.  But wait!  I SAW IT IN A STORE, YOU LYING WEBSITE!  So, at 9pm, I head out on a mission.  I get to my local Target and see all the N-M stuff at the front of the store plates.  Well, I tried. And since I'm here, I might as well wander around a bit, so I picked up a little dress and debated about trying it on while meandering back towards the fitting room and there they were!  A couple pallets of N-M stuff laying about waiting to be put somewhere.  And right in the middle of it all - ONE box of plates.  I grabbed it like someone was stealing it from me (no one was even around) and then I had a stupid thought:

Wouldn't it be nice to have TWO sets of plates?

Yeah, that looks awesome.  But, there were no more.  So, at work the next day, I took a long lunch and ran to another Target.  No plates.  Then I looked at the Target website again and they finally admitted they were, in fact, in stores, and I plugged in my zip code to find that yet another Target had them in stock.  I actually left work early to go to the Target.  So excited, driving fast, parking fast, walking fast plates.  I seriously, SERIOUSLY, considered a fourth Target, but I was getting out of control.

So 8-setting dessert setting is really just 4, but that's ok.  I'm just happy to get them.  Of course, I still sent a picture of them to my sisters and mom, just in case they see it somewhere in Target, cause I'm not going to turn down 4 more.  But no more aggressive Targeting.

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