Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Take a Napa!

One of my favorite lines that Carrie says in Sex in the City when Mr. Big is moving to California is "When you're tired, you TAKE a Napa, you don't MOVE to Napa!"  Tee hee.  Well, after a long while with a tiny square table, we finally broke down and bought the Napa Dining Table from World Market.  Behold.

We had tried to get the Provence Table earlier in the fall, but those awesome World Market sales snuck up on us and every table in the world sold out fast.  Boo.  So we signed up for their email list and paid attention and over the holidays we saw this baby pop up on sale.  For $249 (plus a sad-face $100 shipping) we got this delivered soon after our return from Christmas break.

I love that it's solid and sturdy, but imperfect (note the little dings on the left side in the picture above) so if it gets scratched up.....which I might have done the first week we got's not a big deal.  Right?  We are considering getting some plexiglass or something to put on top just for extra protection, but we aren't there yet. 

It's so much better than where we were, don't you think?

Old tiny table
 And for extra info, check out a close up of the table-topper:

This is a great bowl my folks bought me for Christmas!  You can find it at Uncommon Goods.
If you're paying close attention, you might notice a sneak at the wood floors and stainless steel appliances that have found their way in our kitchen!  Pictures to follow, but we are happy to announce the latest additions to our family :-)

PS - like the labeled dining room chairs?  An easy project that I did - check them out here!

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