Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wicked pissed

 Just disgusted at what happened in Boston, a city I fell in love with, got a law degree in, walked around, worked in, and passionately miss every day.  As I posted on Facebook, I think the thing that upsets me the most is the news of the death of a 8-year old boy.  I spend a significant portion of every day worried that Avery's going to run away in the parking lot and get hit by a car or grab a knife I've left unattended in the kitchen or fall off the back of the couch.  The idea that all of that worrying can't protect him against what is a truly senseless horrific event, that no amount of worrying or protecting by his mom could have prevented his death, is, to put it simply, sad.  Here's hoping that the family, and the city of Boston, finds peace soon.  And that the people that did this find their way into the hands of law enforcement.

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