Friday, May 10, 2013

Movin' Right Along

Yep...time to move again. I mean, we have been here a whole 10 months.  We're starting to get itchy!  Here's our new house (a rental)

Cute, right?  It's on base where I work at Joint Base Andrews, so it'll be a unique experience listening to taps play at night, having guests sign into base, and living in a little city just for military members.

The house itself is 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom, and has a kitchen, living room, and dining room.  It includes a one-car garage and a little backyard with a hill.  We don't have to mow ANYTHING (yay!) and it's a whole 2 minute drive to my job.

Inside pics to come later, but wanted to share our news!  It's very neutral inside, so it'll be exciting to liven it up with some Beach flair :-)

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