Wednesday, May 01, 2013

My heart's a-racing

And hopefully my body is, too, because I signed up for a 5K at the Alexandria Running Festival!

Now, I know some of the things going through your mind:

  1. A 5K?  Really?  That's all?
  2. Don't you run all the time anyway for your job?
  3. You're actually "training" for a 5K?
  4. Didn't we run a 5K last week for PT?
Fair enough, and the answers are:
  1. Yes, Yes, Yes
  2. No
  3. Yes
  4. Probably....but I likely skipped PT
So I have a few pounds of baby weight to lose, I need to get into good bathing suit weather, and I would like to be able to run without feeling miserable (and NOT feel like passing out running through the parking lot of my building during an active shooter exercise).  So, I signed up.  Free T-shirt and all!  I'm doing a training plan that I found online, my friend Gabe is running with me, and it should be a good time.  AND, since I already signed up, I can't exactly back out without looking stupid :-)


Ashly Price said...

Don't worry I too have been running for over a year now and have not done an actual 5k. Even though I run 5 miles a day which is more than the actual race itself it is a lot harder when race against other people. You often try to race against them not with them, just remember that you are not trying to win the race but to simple finish the race. I hope that you will find my blog interesting and useful.

Alison Beach said...

Thanks, Ashly! Where is your blog at??