Sunday, May 05, 2013

PPNF: Spring Edition Big Reveal!

So, after last season's uber-fun Pinterest Projects Not Forgotten (PPNF), Julia, Lauren, Amanda and I did it again and picked another Pinterest project we've had pinned for a while and committed ourselves to doing it.

I gave this hint a couple of weeks ago, showing my medium:

And where my finished project would go:

So if you haven't guessed yet, here was my Pinterest inspiration:

 Yep!  This fridge is in need of some new magnets, and what better way to share pictures of our extended family with our kids than have those pictures readily available?  This really was super simple (although, to be fair, my husband's Catholic family is really really really big, so I haven't made everyone's magnet yet).  First, I downloaded a bunch of pictures from Facebook and had them printed out at Walgreen's.

 Then I put a little clear rock on top of the face that I wanted to turn into a magnet.

Whoa, my dad's head just got big.

After that, I traced around the rock so I knew where to cut out.

And then cut out and did some trimming so the picture would fit:

 Next I used some clear Elmer's glue (never heard of it before!) to put each picture on the glass rock and pressed down hard to try to avoid a bunch of air bubbles and the lined them up on the deck to dry in the sun.

While they were drying, Jon was slightly disturbed at the headless photos this project created:

Ha ha, not creepy at all.

We bought some extra strong magnets at THD (The Home Depot) and I used superglue to put them on the back.  Avery doesn't put things in his mouth anymore, so I don't worry too much about him playing with them, and we plan to put them high up on the fridge anyway.

But since the magnets have a tendency to scratch our NEW APPLIANCES, I had to get something to protect the fridge.  Hello, teacher aisle at Staples!

So an inspirational "A+ JOB!" or "SUPER!" sticker goes on the back of each magnet:

So with our fridge saved from scratches, we lined up some suspects!

A collection of grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins!

But they aren't just for pretty, they are great to use!

Family holding up our pictures/art creations
Cassidy and her Uncle Calum :-)

Really really easy, and they create some uniformity on our fridge while reminding us of our loved ones.  What could be better?

Be sure to check out what Amanda, Lauren, and Julia created this season!  And if you want to play for the summer edition, just let me know!!

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