Friday, May 31, 2013

Thrift Haul

During our Memorial Day weekend, Jon promised he would take me to flea markets/thrift stores, and he delivered!  Check out my haul from a few stores!

The first thing I saw were these lovely blue mason jars.  I think they'd each look awesome with a big white peony in them.  And my Army roots and love of vintage couldn't keep me away from this vintage pennant.

My living room is missing a magazine rack, and this one will do nicely.  I picture it painted with some hardware to make it feel special.

Mirror mirror on the wall!  These three mirrors has interesting shapes and frames, and I want to practice revamping some mirrors.  For less than $5 each, they easily found their way into our trunk.

And while this isn't thrifted or vintage, my Avery loves to sweep, so I thought we'd get him his own little broom to use instead of waving around our giant mops and brooms, demolishing everything in his path.

As always, the experience of finding something great is the best part, but I can't wait to show you how these get put into play!

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