Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mirror Mirror Up the Stairs

My first design effort in our new house (check out the tab up top for all the photos of what is begging for design!) was our stairs.  Which is funny because the stairs wasn't even originally in the "Before" pictures, which is sad, because stairs and halls are probably oft-forgotten spaces.  Obviously I started feeling bad for our poor little stairs, so I decided that I would give it the first go.

Remember the mirrors I got at the thrift store while we were on vacation?  Well, I decided it would be fun to do a stairwell of mix-and-match mirrors!

First, I cut out posterboard outlines of all three mirrors so I could play with the shapes a bit.

I decided on the second, which clumps up the mirrors a bit, so I can keep looking and thrifting mirrors to add.  Then, I just hung them up and we were good to go!

I think it'll be fun to add to the wall as I find fun and interesting mirrors, and I might give them all a paint job eventually, but for now, I smile every time I turn the corner.  

But what about that big window - suggestions for that??

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