Friday, August 09, 2013

Styling the Bedroom: Days 2-7

DAYS 2, 3, and 4:  Ok, so after I answered my style questions, the next assignment in Apartment Therapy's Style Cure was to go out and find things you love and take pictures of them.  Rooms, leaves, patterns, whatever appealed, without thought to sensibility or price.  Since last weekend was Jon's last weekend here, I didn't get to go out, but that doesn't mean I didn't Pinterest the crap outta this assignment!  We were supposed to find a bunch of images and then narrow them down.  I pinned all my images and narrowed them down to a few that really spoke to me:

Everyone knows my love of vintage

I love a touch of glam

The open breezy, but colorful look makes me smile
DAY 5:  This was was pretty easy.  Take "before" pictures.  Ha ha, that just means I get to post those awesome pictures again.   However, today's assignment urged us that this isn't a renovation, it's a redecoration.  The plan is to:
  • Update one wall
  • Add at least one decor pairing to go along with that wall
  • Deep clean
  • Organize
  • Evaluate flow
  • Evaluate lighting
  • Evaluate accessories
With those things, in mind, I wasn't sure I could get this whole room redone in 30 days, so I decided that I would focus on two of my areas: the bed and the wall with the windows, and anything after that would be gravy.  So my two before pictures are now:

Today's assignment also asked us to mentally clear out the room (easy, since we just moved in and the empty room is still fresh in my mind) and make note of what we need and what we can do without.  Thinking about that, I know that my needs are:
  • bed
  • curtains
  • dresser (although it's not on the part of the room I'm really focused on)
  • a place for laundry
  • a place for alarm clock, Kindle, book
  • a place for jewelry
So this day really got me thinking about what I CAN do, what I need, and forward thinking about what I want to do.  I have an idea, so I'm anxious to see if that idea fits into the next assignments!

DAY 6: Set up a one-room outbox.

This is exactly what you think it is:  a box of stuff that goes out.  Here are the rules to it:  

1. Anything can go in the Outbox
2. The Outbox is allowed to get messy
3. Everything must stay in the Outbox for at least one week
4. After that time you have several choices
    a. Take anything back out
    b. Leave anything you are undecided about for one more week
    c. Dispose of the rest by moving to the garbage, recycling bin, or giveaway pile

That was really easy.  I'm gonna need a bigger box.

DAY 7: Make a floor plan.

Not too hard to do, although I snapped my finger pretty hard in the measuring tape.  After work (but before the kiddo pickup) I measured out the room and drew it on the back of some scrapbook paper that conveniently has little grid squares on it.  Then, I measured the furniture that isn't going to leave the room (bed and dresser) and made little to-scale squares of them that I can move around.  A-like so:

You can see there's a substantial dead space in the middle, although it doesn't seem that large when you're standing in it (likely because of all the mess/crap).  This will be helpful when I'm looking to add a couple of things and need to put it in the room before I put it in the room, yaknowwhatImean?

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