Wednesday, October 16, 2013


 Avery: Mommy, my belly hurts!
Me: Did you drink too much juice?
Avery: Mommy!  My butt hurts!  I drank too much juice for my butt!

Me: Avery - did you see that kangeroo?  He jumped over the biggest rock ever!! (A cartoon kangaroo jumping over Ayers Rock in Australia)
Avery: Mommy - that's not a rock.  That's a loo loo.
Me:'s a loo loo?
Avery: Yeah.

Me: Avery, it's almost Halloween and you get to dress up!  Do you want to dress up like a cowboy??
Avery: No.
Me: Buzz  Lightyear?
Avery: No.
Me: A monkey?
Avery: No.
Me: What do you want to dress up like?
Avery: I want to dress up bee!
Me:....really? What does a bee say?

Avery: MOMMY!  What's that red sign say?
Me: It says STOP!
Avery: NO!  It says "TREES!"
Me: Trees?
Avery: YES!  It means......TREES BLOW DOWN!

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