Friday, October 25, 2013

Fixin' My Stitch - Month 3

Welcome back to what-in-the-world-was-in-that-box?! It's time to take a look at what I got in my Stitch Fix Box recently! If you don't have ANY idea what I'm talking about, first, welcome! Second, click HERE and HERE to see my first two boxes, what Stitch Fix is and how you can do it too! (I'm not paid by them, just obsessed with them).

I'm always so happy to pull into my house and see the glimmer of a new box waiting for me :-)

After a particularly rough night with the kiddos, and with a sounds of a whimpering 1-year-old in her crib in the background, AND a phone with not enough juice for a picture without dying, I got started.

First out was this white top with leather stitching.

Bedspread from IKEA.
 Leather's the thing now, ya'll.  All the kids are going it.  So, I was happy to see such a trendy top.  But, I was wary.  Note how you can see my bedspread through two layers of shirt?  I'm of the belief that everyone hits an age where something is inappropriate to wear.  I'm 34, and I don't think I should be showing my abs in a crop top anymore.  Not that I can't pull it off, it's just not appropriate.  I feel kinda the same way about something being sheer, and having to get ANOTHER SHIRT to wear under it.  But, I tried it on with all kinds of things, as recommended to be sure.

In every one, it's clear that you can see right through this shirt, right?  Surprisingly, my bra wasn't that visible, but the line where my pants/skirt start was, as was my skin color.  I just didn't dig it.  By the time I covered up enough to be comfortable with a cardigan and scarf, I might as well be wearing a white tank top.  Not a keeper, but I did appreciate the simpleness and classic nature of the piece.  Just not for me.

Next was this sweater:

So soft, so comfy, so purchased!  And pairing with last month's leather pants?  I felt pretty hot, I won't lie.

Someone take me somewhere awesome now.
Third was a great brown/gold chunky sweater.  I love love love sweaters that do this on the sleeve:

That big, bulky soft feel makes me feel all snuggly.  Sadly, guess what else was big and bulky in this sweater?  My reflection.

The face says it all
I don't mind accenting my a good way.  But this was more of a "In case there's any confusion, this girl has some HIPS" way, and I wasn't digging it.  I styled it a bit, but making sure the sweater didn't unroll itself would have required some work, and I think we all know how I feel about work.

Effort?  I'll pass.
Fourth was a black, knit blazer, a great staple piece to throw on top of anything.

I love me a blazer, but the knit was so similar to last month's zip up asymmetrical jacket that I got, I felt weird buying another black jacket.  Especially when my coat closet looks like this:

Dark jacket much?
It also wasn't the most amazing fit, and the shoulderpads made me feel weird.  Pass.

Meh.  And last?  A cute pair of dark grey skinny stretch jeans. 

Grey, I promise.
At first, I was like "Ooh, grey jeans.  I don't have grey jeans!"  And I really did like the style and the color a lot.  BUT, with skinny jeans comes the need to make them stretchy, and while I feel like these were the correct size, the correct size is still too tight for me.  Similar to my knit dilemma, once they were on, they reminded me of the fit/feel of the leather pants from last month, which I already purchased. 

 Think this is a cool service (you're right!) and want to try it out?  Use THIS LINK to try (it gives me a $25 credit), get your box, and tell me what you got!!

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