Friday, December 06, 2013

Have Yourself a Military Christmas

This year's theme was green and gold!  For no particular reason other than green isn't the first color people think of when decorating a tree, since it's already green.  I decided to take pity on poor green and have some fun.

First the tree - our second live one (after last year), purchased at Lowe's.  Avery didn't want to buy this one, he wanted to buy one already decorated, because he considered this "just a bush".  Ha ha.

Next was lights - simple gold ones worked for us.  Every morning when I turn the tree on, Cassidy goes "YAY!"

Then it was time for some decorating.  For $1 each, I got a few packs of gold balls, green balls, green sparkly hearts, and gold icicles at Family Dollar.  Can't beat it.  But, something was missing...something fun, quirky, and easy......ARMY MEN!  Yep, for another $1, I picked up a big pack of them and got to work:

Innocent sleeping Army

Spotted by the lookout!
Too late!  Napalmed in my garage
"I'm so embarrassed I wish I could eat this grenade," he seemed to say
Which leads us to the addition of lots of Army men, a bit of garland, and a cheap star to complete it all.

And that's our tree for the holidays!  As nostalgic and nice as it is to put up the same ornaments every year, there's something to be said for being creative and doing something unique each time around!!

Would love to hear what you do - same tree every year?  New challenges?  Real? Fake?  Let me know in the comments!

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